Water in Buildings: An Architect`s Guide, W. B. Rose

Autor: W. B. Rose

Izdavač: Wiley

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Nezamenljiv priručnik za arhitekte, projektante i izvođače, kao i studente u razumevanju uticaja i efekata vode u građenju

The definitive guide to understanding and managing the effects of water on buildings
Water in Buildings: An Architect`s Guide to Moisture and Mold is a detailed and highly useful reference to help architects and other design professionals create dry, healthy environments, without jeopardizing a project with poor liability management. Much more than a book of `quick fixes,` this practical guide illuminates an essential understanding of the `whys` of moisture problems, including valuable information on how water behaves and how its performance can be anticipated and managed in building design.
With a special emphasis on water`s role in creating mold, an issue of growing concern and liability, Water in Buildings offers the most up-to-date information on rainwater management, below-grade water management, foundations, wall and roof construction, mechanical systems, moisture, and much more! Providing authoritative guidance to designers and builders, this definitive guide features:
* Clear explanations of how water interacts with building materials and equipment
* An in-depth exploration of the paths of leaks
* Numerous case studies on such well-known structures as Mount Vernon, Independence Hall, and Wingspan (Frank Lloyd Wright)


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