The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban Form Through History

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  • EUR: 27 €

Autor: Spiro Kostof

Izdavač: Thames and Hudson Ltd

Format: 260mm

Str: 320 sa ilustracijma, mapama i planovima

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The City Assembled continues Kostof`s unique study of urban landscape and process that began in The City Shaped. Moving from the historical and cultural overviews of the city, Kostof descends into the streets, sidewalks, squares, markets, and waterfronts and presents a detailed urban anatomy.

The book is organized thematically around the structural phenomena of cities — the city edge, the street, public space, the marketplace, and the realities of cultural and economic segregation. It explores the customs, practicalities, and biases behind the elements of the city.

The City Assembled is a fascinating account of the urban experience, written, like The City Shaped, for general and professional readers alike.


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