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Town Spaces – Contemporary Interpretations in Tradition

Autor: Rob Krier

Izdavač: Birkhäuser

Format: 260mm

Povez: broš

Str: 288 sa mnogo kolornih ilustracija


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Odlično očuvana knjiga velikog formata na kvalitetnom papiru sa mnogo kolornih ilustracija.

Town Spaces – Contemporary Interpretations in Traditional Urbanism. Short description: `A new town plan should not contribute simply to an artist`s self-actualization. It has to emerge out of the store of experience of local and regional urban architectural culture and fit seamlessly into this cultural landscape.`

Neotraditional town planning responds to the crisis of the contemporary city with clear and well-organized spaces whose atmosphere is marked by public spirit, identification, and order. In four parts, this book articulates guidelines for the planning of new cities, the development of new urban neighborhoods, the restructuring of city centers, and the expansion of cities and urban neighborhoods. Drawing on firsthand experience and examples from the work of the firm Krier Kohl, it offers a detailed account of the path that leads from morphological conception through the various phases of the town-planning design process all the way to execution. A broad spectrum of architectural realizations by practitioners as varied as Michael Graves, Cesar Pelli, and Kohn Pedersen Fox demonstrates that neotraditional town planning can work together productively with architectural conceptions that are stylistically very different.


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