The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss


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Knjiga o načinu da se sačuva dobra linija i smanji kilaža bestseler autora Fila Mekgroua. Bestseler, prodata u više od 3 miliona primeraka.

You have made the decision to take control of your weight. Dr. Phil McGraw`s powerful bestseller gives you the tools for life-changing weight loss. If you`re ready to get real about your weight, if you want to end the frustration of the diet cycle, you have found the ultimate solution — The Ultimate Weight Solution. This groundbreaking, scientifically sound plan is a step-by-step, personalized approach that transforms you from the inside out, as you gain control over your:
food habits and emotional eating traps
portion control
exercise and lifestyle choices
restaurant and social dining
strategies for right thinking
daily food plan with sample menus
. . .and more!
It`s your health, it`s your life, it`s your decision.


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