FIDIC – A Guide for Practitioners


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Autor: A-V.Jaeger, G-S.Hok

Izdavač: Springer Verlag, Heidelberg

Godina izdanja: 2010
Jezik: engleski
Str. 443
Format: 170×240

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This book (FIDIC – A Guide for Practitioners)  provides an introduction to the 1999 FIDIC forms of contract including the FIDIC Red Book, the FIDIC Yellow Book, the FIDIC Silver Book and the new 2008 FIDIC Gold Book. Consulting engineers, architects and employers will also find reliable information about the FIDIC White Book. The authors explain the meaning of terms and features which are used by FIDIC. In particular the authors attempt to explain the English legal wording in its original legal context for use in civil law countries. Common law practitioners will find useful advice on civil law features and concepts which affect the use of FIDIC contracts in civil law countries.

The book covers pre-contractual and contractual issues and the management of FIDIC contracts and offers support in interpreting and understanding the contract terms and contract procedures as to variations, tests, payment certificates, taking-over cases, claims and dispute resolution features. It includes flow charts, glossaries, checklists and sample letters. Common law practitioners will also find helpful information on civil law jurisdictions and civil law concepts. TOC:Legal Systems.- Conflict of Laws.- English and International Standard Forms of Contract.- Civil Law Business Terms.- Development Stages.- Understanding FIDIC – A Civil Law Approach.- FIDIC Contract Documents.- Employer`s Duties.- Contractor`s Duties.- Design Responsibility.- Engineer.- Time for Completion.- Variation.- Tests.- Certificates.- Defects Notification Period and (Post Contractual) Defects Liability.- Termination.- Discharge, Frustration and Force Majeure.- Bonds, Guarantees, Letters of Credit.- Claim Management.- Disputes.- Samples.- Delay Schedule.


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